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Who we are

4C Consulting is a professional accounting firm in Adelaide, South Australia.

We provide advice in the areas of accounting, taxation, business services and superannuation. Katie Rosie, the managing director is a member of CPA Australia (CPA).

Our focus

Our main business focus is to establish and maintain an environment for clients where they can:

  • Successfully run their business
  • Create and build wealth
  • Protect assets
  • Minimise taxation

To suit you...


  • Personal wealth forecasting
  • Business start up modelling
  • Entity structuring
  • Tax Planning strategies
  • Forecasting & cash management
  • Cloud Solutions


  • Virtual CFO service
  • Personal wealth forecasting
  • Superannuation focus
  • Restructure and review
  • Tax Planning strategies
  • Asset protection strategies


  • Superannuation focus
  • Personal wealth management
  • Tax Planning strategies
  • Reinvestment strategies
  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning