Starting up your business

The first stage of the business cycle, the start up stage is often the most turbulant and stressful stage for most SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) businesses.

In fact, most start up businesses will fail within the first three years due to a range of issues, but most commonly it’s the result of a lack of financial resources, or simply put, poor cashflow.

Our approach to startup businesses is to look at the business model and structure and provide a holistic perspective, including:

  • Choosing the right entity structure (or re-structuring if necessary);
  • Reviewing your business model and plan;
  • Setting you up on a cloud solution;
  • Cashflow management;
  • Review initiatives which may/may not be applicable (i.e. R & D Tax Concession)
  • Providing timely management reporting.

Our approach at this stage can be as interactive as you believe is necessary and we can provide a tailored package for you to assist you at this most critical stage of your business life cycle.